Easy Method Driver Training School
Online Teen 30 Hr Classroom Theory Program
Curriculum for teenagers that need the “insurance discount”

Online Course: $80.00
Certificate Course / PA Dept. of Education Certified
Learn on your schedule!
Access 24/7 - 6 Months to Complete
Secure Site-Encrypted For Your Protection
DriversEd.com-The leading provider of online drivers education.  Ensuring you’ll get your permit the first time!
Safe, Secure, Smart: Online Drivers Ed in Pennsylvania
Enjoy interactive lessons proven to help you learn and earn your license!
  • State-of-the-art 3-D animations of driving maneuvers
  • Earn a half (0.5) Carnegie credit toward high school graduation
  • Try 20% of the course for free
  • Study online anytime, anyplace!
  • Learn techniques for safe driving
  • Get discounts on auto insurance
Everything You Need to Succeed
  • State-licensed, interactive online lessons
  • Certificate of Completion is mailed for free
  • Access 50 free practice permit tests
  • Automatic progress tracking so you pick up exactly where you left off
  • Unlimited access to review course material
  • Unlimited chances to pass your online final test
Course Details
The course is designed for easy learning on your end. All the subjects covered are broken down into modules, and each module is broken down by topic and then expanded upon. We give you the fundamentals and then build upon that base knowledge.
Each Course Offers
  • Basics of Driving: stopping, starting, turning, parking
  • Rules of the Road: state specific laws and procedures
  • Signs and Signals: how to interpret road signs and signals
  • How to Handle Road Emergencies
  • Driving Defensively
  • Avoiding Distracted Driving
  • The Dangers of Driving under the Influence… and so much more!
Final Exam
Pennsylvania requires that you pass the comprehensive final exam that will be given at the end of this course. The final covers all the topics presented during your course.

 Driving School

Learn on your schedule!
Take our Online Adult Driver Education Course to renew your license or get a huge insurance discount.

Adult Program: $42.95

Learn or refresh your driving skills with our Online Adult Drivers Education Course.

Get your permit the first time! FREE practice tests

Practice permit test- Take free practice permit tests online with DriversEd.com. Get your permit the first time with practice from randomly generated questions.

Driving School

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